Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Becoming a Better Blogger

I am a bad blogger . Well, a bad writer in general. I have good intentions, I WANT to jot things down, to remember things, but it has come to my attention that I am lazy when it comes to writing. I have WAY to many other things that I need to do or would rather do. But this year, as I am going through the pictures that I so lovingly took in order to remember each and every event in my childrens lives, I realized that i take the pictures, but I am neglectful of getting them off of my computer and into something that they can put their hands on and look at. I mean really, what good is a picture if it is stuck inside my computer?

So, as i began the new year, I decided that I was really, really going to try this blog thing one more time. I already now that it will be impossible for me to take a picture a day and then journal about it, so I have decided that instead of P365 I am going to do T12--catchy isn't it? I(Tamara--hence the T) am going to try and take enough pictures throughout each month(that is the 12), to make a double page layout. So, January will get two pages, February two and so on and so forth. I want to be able to get the essence of each month. I will then scrap those two page layouts--EACH month. In order to remember all the little things, I am going to jot them down here. I think that is reasonable--don't you? Not too much to ask? i mean after all, my kiddos are leaving me every other year for the next three or four years. I want to be able to give them a life of memories to look at when I am no longer here. I don't want them to forget what fun we had. I don't want to forget what fun we had.

So that is my pledge--over the year I will finish a book and we will have it to look at for years to come. Then I have about 20 years of past pictures and future graduates, weddings and grandbabies--but that is a whole different story. But for now, I think I will just take one day at a time--or better yet, one month at a time!